Deer Larders

Deer_Larders_300As of 1st January 2006, it became a legal requirement for commercial game suppliers to use a larder to store large game at 7oC or below and small game at 4oC or below, within a reasonable time after culling.

Since then we have installed in excess of 30 deer larders throughout Scotland.  We can design and install meat hanging rail systems to cope with all different sizes from 30 roe deer capacity to 60 stag capacities.

Our larders contain two compartments, to ensure that the preparation area is separated from the chilled storage area.  This complies with health and safety legislation which states that hung game cannot be brought back through the preparation area.

Each game larder is bespoke designed to suit individual requirements and provide equal specification to our coldstores using non-porous and easily clean panels, which provides reliable temperature control. Other features, such as stainless steel sinks, non-slip floors, insecticutors and internal lighting systems can also included.

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